Creating amazing mannequins with sustainability in their hearts.

Looking after the environment and sustainability are our core values. Thus we provide
customers with 100% recyclable products made from 100% ethically sourced materials.

Our flexible, sustainable, and honest approach has led to many new customers who appreciate our innovative approach as well as market-leading services and products.


We limit the amount of Greenhouse gases that we create. Working locally and adopting the reuse, reduce & recycle method allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, too.

See our sustainability report here.


Environmental Responsibility. We buy from renewable sources when possible and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We also recycle our old mannequins and aluminum molds in our production process.

Flexibility and Quality. We have many different professionals working in our European factory, which allows us to offer speed, high quality, and the ultimate flexibility in service.

Excellence in Customer service. We always place the customers at the center of each project and work hard to understand their brand. We also constantly look for new approaches to providing excellence in service and products.

Location and Speed. As we are located in Vilnius, the centre of Europe, we guarantee speed, high quality, and the ultimate flexibility in service.


Our mission.
To help brands express their core values of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Our vision.
Being the first choice for manufacturing high-quality and 100 % recyclable mannequins.


We can produce more than 100 000 mannequins per year using a 2-shift production cycle, allowing us to ramp up even further if necessary. In addition, having all production under one roof makes us incredibly fast when it comes to deliveries.