Creating amazing mannequins with sustainability in their hearts.

IDW is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of high quality, mannequins and display solutions. Our  commitment to supplying industry leading design and manufacturing services, is backed up by our ethical and sustainability business model, which will see us provide customers with 100% recyclable products, made from 100% sustainably sourced materials, providing a real alternative to the low-priced, poor quality, fiberglass mannequins being sold at present.

Operating from our 6,000 sq. m. (65,000 Sq. f) facility in Europe, we can offer global scale through our strategic partners throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

With over 400 people working in design, sculpting, sales, customer service, project management, and manufacturing, we offer a wealth of experience from bespoke design through to the manufacturing of mannequins and display props, global logistics and warehousing. We ensure that we keep transport and warehousing costs to a minimum by adopting a just in time manufacturing model, from Europe, which has seen our customers save costs by eliminating the need for storage, minimum order quantity and bulk production runs.

Our flexible, sustainable and honest approach to design and supply has seen us gain many new customers and plaudits in the market, allowing us to innovate and deliver market leading services and products.


Sustainability is most often defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. It has three main pillars: economic, environmental, and social. These three pillars are informally referred to as people, planet and profits.

At IDW these are core to everything we do, we choose to use higher grade products that adhere to this philosophy, we ensure that as much of our supply chain as possible is based locally or within Europe and that our people are well looked after, both in and outside of the workplace.

Caring for the global environment means that we try and limit the amount of Greenhouse gases that we create. Working locally and changing business process allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and by adopting the reuse, reduce and recycle approach to our working practices, we believe that we are one of only a few mannequin businesses that allows, truly ethical retailers, to deliver against their brand promise.

We aim to be the industry’s leading provider of sustainable products and are working with several leading and well-respected industry bodies to gain certification to our process that will confirm our statements in respect to traceability, carbon footprint savings and recyclability.

See our sustainability report here.


Environmental Responsibility: We operate a detailed sustainability policy, buying from renewable sources where possible, keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum and recycling our old mannequins and aluminum molds in our production process.

Market leading creativity: We believe that using the same designer or sculptor for every range you create limits the creativity of a business. IDW believe that collaboration breeds creativity, so we choose to work with a range of different designers. Each project we undertake, is matched to the designer that we believe will, question the brief and look at it with a fresh new pair of eyes. They then work with our experienced team of 16 in the sculpting, modification and molding departments to deliver an on brand, high quality sustainable solution to the brands requirements.

Speed, Flexibility and Quality: We believe that to truly offer speed of response, high quality and the ultimate flexibility in service, everything should be kept under one roof. That is why at IDW we run everything through our European factory. As well as having the designers, sculptors, production, account management, makeup and fabric covering teams in one location, we also  produce all our molds and metal parts in house which allow us to react quickly and meet the tightest deadlines whilst providing the highest levels of customer service.

Excellence in Customer service: IDW always place the customer in the center of everything we do and work hard to understand their brand and the vision that they want to create in their retail environments. We never take anything for granted and look to constantly improve the level of service and understanding that we bring to the market. Our teams are highly experienced and offer market leading insights on trends, finishes and body styles, allowing us to add real value to the high-quality products we produce. Our ethos of “we are only as good as the last project we delivered” means we are constantly looking for new approaches to delivering excellence of both service and product.


Mission: Through innovative designs and a deep customer and consumer understanding we optimize retail presentation and strengthen our customers overall brand awareness.  As an international and experienced organization, we are able to solve both complex and large-scale deliveries to all markets.

Vision: We strive to remain the #1 international display provider. As a manufacturer, we want to be acknowledged for our capability to understand our customers’ needs and improve their display presentations. As a brand we want to be delivering the markets highest quality, best designed, sustainable mannequins and display products. Our global scale will provide all our customers with the assurance that they will get any of their projects delivered, on time, to the quality as expected anywhere in the world they might be opening. We will strive to challenge the status quo and chase new opportunities and continue being innovators within our industry.


We are able to produce in excess of 100 000 mannequins per year, using a 2-shift production cycle, which allows us to ramp up even further if necessary when required. Having all production, from sculpting, mold making, manufacturing, finishing and logistics under one roof makes us incredibly fast when it comes to deliveries.

Our experienced logistics and warehousing teams will work with our customers to ensure that we work to just in time principles, keeping transport and warehousing costs to a minimum.